Wuyi Mountains

For the first time to have a visit to Wuyi Mountains, some people may feel that the price-performance ratio is not very high, but there are still highlights for your trip there. There are three projects worth playing:

1, Climbing the Tianyou Peak: It is best to climb in the morning, because it is really hot during summer, but the peak is not very high. And you may just need spend two hours by viewing all the marked spots on the roadside to reach the top of the peak. It is not recommended buying anything on the mountain, as it is really expensive. If you are interested, you can buy the blessing belt to take back home.

2, Sitting on bamboo rafting: This is the most comfortable project. You can take photos with Wuyi Mountains logo. The scenery along the way is also very good. You can get in touch with nature. It is best to take off your shoes and put your feet in the water. It’s really cool! Sitting in the front row also has the opportunity to experience the special experience of getting wet of your body. Do remember that give 20-yuan tips for each person, otherwise it will be nonsense. The young boatman will happily talk about connotation jokes, and also will introduce the attraction in details for you.

3, Watching the impression of Dahongpao: This is absolutely valuable, without watching it, your trip to Wuyi Mountains will not be complete and perfect. For the ticket, you can ask the local people to buy for you, which will be a little cheaper.

The most impressive thing about Wuyi Mountains is the water. The water in Jiuqu River is crystal clear, you can see many red-eye fish, and even fish can be seen in the inconspicuous stream. The environmental protection is very good, the cleaning staff in the scenic spot is also very responsible, and the scenic spot tour vehicle scheduling is also orderly. Overall, the scenery is very beautiful and ecological protection is good, and it is worth a visit!

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