Tianjin Happy Valley

Tianjin Happy Valley Theme Park is located on Dongli Zhiguang Avenue in Dongli Lake Tourist Resort. Tianjin Happy Valley covers an area of 200,000 square meters. It is composed of four different themed amusement areas: the performing arts center, happy hour, Viking harbor, and Christmas Village. It has more than 30 fun and adventurous amusement facilities suitable for all ages. And there are more than 50 colorful and exotic themed landscapes, including high-tech volcanic adventures and indoor rapids with super-high diving points; the innovative combination of 70-meter Christmas tower and haunted house: 3D Christmas adventures and the supernatural castle; the new super cool ELLOCO roller coaster: Angry Birds; the ultra-long wooden monorail roller coaster: Fjord Flying Dragon. At the same time, the playful facilities such as frog jumping, bubble ball battle and insect battle are the first choice for interaction and fun for the whole family. In addition to the fun and diverse amusement facilities, wonderful and colorful themed performances such as “Jin Show”, “Fearless of Heroes of Jinmen”, “Happy Parade”, “Mediterranean Light Show” will provide you exciting and joyful audiovisual enjoyment.

Tianjin Happy Valley has dozens of amphibious amusement facilities suitable for all ages, and nearly 90 art feasts every day. It has created the world’s first amphibious high-tech comprehensive entertainment and cultural theme park with diversified joy. The joy is uninterrupted for 365 days. Happy Valley is also equipped with complete amusement, dining, shopping, and accommodation facilities, making it the most famous amusement resort in Tianjin.

Go to Tianjin Happy Valley for the excitement of travel, because the entertainment facilities here are quite complete. The Happy Valley at night is still very beautiful, the lighting is very suitable for taking pictures. Happy Valley is very suitable for taking children to play, as there are many children’s projects, and it is worth a visit.

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