South Putuo Temple

South Putuo Temple is now one of the few large temples with free tickets and free incense to burn to protect the environment where burning incense is not recommended. South Putuo Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty. It was destroyed in the late Ming Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, it has experienced hundreds of years of damage. South Putuo Temple is close to the south gate of Xiamen University. The South Putuo Temple is located in the downtown area. The unique style is that “The simplicity and modernity coexist; the young monk is adjacent to the university students.” The lotus pond in front of the temple is large. It is also the free life pond, and the turtles and big fish in the free life pond are a major attraction of the South Putuo Temple.

The architecture in the temple is majestic, and the arches are exquisite and beautiful. The four sides are all Guanyin images with thousands of hands and eyes. They are magnificent and exquisite. The building is exquisitely detailed. From the South Putuo Temple to climb up the Five Old Peak, you can overlook the entire Xiamen University.

Visiting the mysterious places such as the temple or church, choosing different times will bring a completely different feeling. The early lessons of South Putuo Temple are about from 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock. The temple resounds the devout sound of the chant sutras, and the entire temple has only sporadic local old people coming to visit in the morning.

Maybe it is because the South Putuo Temple is located in Fujian, where the incense is strong, and where the Buddhist Academy is, in this pure environment, you can slowly taste the years of an ancient temple. As a famous temple in southern Fujian, and even famous temple in Southeast Asia, the history of South Putuo Temple is even accompanied by the modern history we are familiar with. A lot of anecdotes let people cannot help but feel the attachment of these monks.

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