Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall is located in Gubeikou Town, northeast of Miyun County, about 120 kilometers away from Beijing, and can be reached from 101 National Highway or BeiJing-Chengde Expressway. It features a large number of text bricks, skilled reliefs, perfect architectural techniques and the majestic body of the Great Wall and it was repeatedly examined and proven by the famous Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen, which was later called “the best Great Wall of China”.

The Simatai Great Wall is the most dangerous section of the Great Wall. At the beginning, it was called “Dead Horse Terrace”. When the construction of this section of the Great Wall was carried out, the horse transported the materials and failed to go down up, and fell to death. Later people felt it not so good by calling “Dead Horse Terrace”, then changed to “Simatai.” If you take the cable car up, it takes 160 yuan / person / round trip (one way is 90 yuan / person). After you get off the cable car, you need climb for another 20 minutes. The last steps are really steep, and you will feel very tired and hot. But when you stand on the Simatai Great Wall and look far away, you will feel it worthwhile. The mountains and rivers of the motherland are magnificent!

The scenery of the Simatai Great Wall is good, as there are mountains and waters, and the mountains and rivers depend on each other. It is a very good place, but staying overnight in the scenic area is particularly expensive, and you can’t finish your tour in the Simatai Great Wall within the day. The local specialties are also delicious. You can go to a nearby village to stay in a home. The price is not expensive, and the service attitude depends on the boss’s mood. In short, the Simatai Great Wall is worth a visit, and you will enjoy much more fun than that of in the Badaling Great Wall.

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