Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park

Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park is located on the south side of Qingdao Shilaoren Resort. It is a large-scale polar marine animal exhibition and performance hall. It is suitable for parents and children to travel together. There are more than 200 polar animals such as beluga whales, penguins, and polar bears in the museum. There are also many rare marine creatures displayed in the museum.

The design concept of the Polar Ocean Park is on the first floor as if you are underwater, and on the second floor, you can observe the water surface from land, deck and iceberg, and you can come into contact with marine animals from multiple angles. The rare polar animals and performances in the Polar Ocean Zoo, a variety of fish in the undersea tunnel, and animal performances in the fun theater are all highlights in the park.

There will be daily performance times at the entrance of the attraction. In addition, there will be an electronic display scrolling at the corner on the second floor of the exhibition hall. You can remember it and watch these time-limited performances according to the time, and then go back to take pictures, go shopping, etc.

The Polar Ocean Zoo and the Happy Theater have performances every day. The performance time is different. The performances of the two halls are also different. The Polar Ocean Zoo Hall mainly contains dolphins and beluga whales. It is located in the animal performance field on the first floor. If lucky, the audience can also be selected to have intimate contact with animals, such as letting the beluga whale kiss, touch the head of the dolphin, sit in the kayak dragged by the dolphin and stroll around the water, and take photos with them.

The Happy Theater features the acrobatic performance by sea lions, walruses and clowns, and it is located in the outdoor performance area of the Happy Theater. In addition, there are daily feeding performances in various animal exhibition areas, and those who are interested can also check it out. In addition, there is a gift shop at the exit of the scenic spot, most of which are various postcards and dolls, which are very suitable for children as gifts.

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