National Museum of China

National Museum of China is a larger comprehensive museum in the country, which gathers the cultural essence of all parts. There are many precious exhibits here, such as the Terracotta Army in Shaanxi, the Sanxingdui mask in Sichuan, the beast head in The Old Summer Palace, etc. When you are visiting, it is like reading a live textbook, and it is a good place for popular science and education.

The museum is divided into five floors, with a total of 48 exhibition halls. The exhibition hall area is very large, and the number of exhibits is also large. The entire National Museum of China will take at least one day to take a closer look. Not only is it a brainstorm of long knowledge, but it is also a physical challenge to walk down the road alone. It takes about 3 hours to play here, which is focusing on watching “Ancient China” and the bronze exhibition.

After entering the museum, head straight to the “Ancient China” exhibition hall on the ground floor, where the exhibits are arranged in the order from ancient times to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, like a general history of China. When you visit, remember to enter from the entrance of the order hall on the north side of the exhibition hall, so that you can browse in sequence from ancient times, otherwise you should “cross” from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Even if you don’t know much about cultural relics here, you will surely see many cultural relics you know, such as: human face fish pattern pottery basin, Yangshao eagle-shaped ceramic pottery, Hongshan culture jade dragon, drumming rap pottery figurine, The colorful terracotta warriors and horses of the Western Han Dynasty, and the phoenix crowns of the Empress Dowagers of the Ming Dynasty, etc., which can exquisitely be called the essence of Chinese civilization and are very eye-catching.

From “Ancient China”, take the elevator to the “Chinese Ancient Bronze Art” exhibition hall which is located in the central hall on the third floor. The bronze exhibition is also one of the museum’s attractions. The outstanding works of the Bronze Age in China are all concentrated here.

If you have time, you can continue to browse other special exhibitions, including Buddha statues, jade, coins, porcelain, etc., and you can choose a few interesting to visit. If you are interested in modern history, it is recommended to go to the “Road to Renaissance” exhibition hall on the first and second floors. In addition, you can see the famous oil painting of “Founding Ceremony” in the collection of modern classic works of art on the ground floor.

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