Nanzhao Fengqing Island

Dali Nanzhao Fengqing Island is one of the three islands in Erhai Lake and is located in Shuanglang Township, the golden area of Cangshan and Erhai Lake National Scenic Area, southeast of Eryuan County. The island is surrounded on all sides by water, with Jizu Mountain, a famous Buddhist shrine in the east, Shibao Mountain in the north, Dali in the south, and Cangshan and Erhai in the west, occupying a unique tourism resource. Dali Nanzhao Fengqing Island has an island area of nearly 100 acres, under the blue sky, it looks like a giant shuttle in the distance, with strange and unique topography.

Is Dali Nanzhao Fengqing Island worth visiting? The area of the island is not very large, and the attractions are mainly distributed on the seaside and hillsides. The seaside can be close to Erhai Lake, and there are places for taking special photos; on the mountain, there are cultural squares and statues with Bai characteristics, and there are some great viewing platforms that can overlook the panoramic view of Cangshan and Erhai Lake.

How to get to Nanzhao Fengqing Island in Dali?

  1. The ferry terminal on the south side of Shuanglang Town takes a ferry boat to the island, the journey takes about 5 minutes, and the boat fee is 50 Yuan/person.
  2. Erhai boats generally dock at Nanzhao Fengqing Island, private cruises usually cost about 100 yuan for half-day cruises, and prices can be bargained.
  3. The Erhai Lake cruise ship will also dock at Nanzhao Fengqing Island, the cost is 140 yuan per person, and there are ethnic performances on board.

Tickets for Nanzhao Fengqing Island in Dali are 50 yuan/person, and opening hours are 8:30-17:00. The must-see attractions are as follows: There is a white jade Guanyin statue on the island, which is very spectacular and extraordinary, and you can go to pray for blessings. Near the pier, there is a group of bronze cast statues which are called “Daughter of Erhai”, and it is a landmark of Nanzhao Fengqing Island, and there are many white wooden chairs for everyone to take pictures.

Nanzhao Fengqing Island is really a good place. It is suitable for tourism all year round. When you come here, you don’t want to leave. Everything here is so unforgettable.

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