Nanjing Museum

Nanjing Museum is located at the southern foot of Purple Mountain and the north side of Zhongshan Gate. It is one of the earliest museums in China. Here you can not only see ancient cultural relics such as the gold hazel in Notes of the Tomb, but also appreciate the art of painting and calligraphy, and even walk around the old streets for a through journey.

The museum was built in 1933 and completed in 1948. It was expanded in 2009 and opened to the outside world on November 6, 2013. It has become the second largest museum in China after the National Museum of China, with a total of 6 halls including historical museum, special exhibition hall, digital museum, art museum, republican museum, and intangible cultural heritage museum.

The main building of the museum is divided into two parts on the left and right. After a short walk on the right, it is the old main hall of the museum imitating Dule Temple. It is no longer used for display of exhibits and has become a place for security inspection. It is recommended to go to the historical museum first, because the special exhibition hall is on the left side of the historical museum. You can visit the entire museum in the order of historical museum-special exhibition hall-digital museum- republican museum -art museum-intangible cultural heritage museum.

Nanjing Museum is a very interesting museum. Here, an outdoor street scene is specially made indoors, which restores the prosperous appearance of the Republic of China. There are also theater performances in the museum. It is really a very interesting museum and it can be called the most distinctive museum in China! There are also a lot of regular collections here, which is very worthwhile for a family to play here. It is also a place that is also very educational for children!

Nanjing Museum is one of the three largest museums in China and has a rich collection of cultural relics. Especially in 2013, after several years of renovation, it was opened to the public for free. The buildings here are also quite distinctive, showing the style of a world-class museum. It is located within the Ming Tomb wall, and the traffic here is also very convenient.

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