Mutinyu Great Wall

There are few people in Mutianyu Great Wall, and there is the original feeling of the Great Wall. There are three ways to go to the Great Wall. One is to take the unsealed cable car to the sixth station, the second is to take the sealed cable car to the No. 14 station. The last one is to go to the Great Wall on foot, which means to climb the Great Wall. There are 21 towers in the whole Mutianyu Great Wall. The towers in the front section will be broken. The rear wall will be better renovated. After the 14th tower, the surface of the Great Wall will be flatter. If you choose to have a walk there, it is recommended to take the cableway to the ropeway on the 14th. If you come there early, you will have more time. Of course, it takes a day visiting the whole Mutianyu Great Wall. You can consider walking from the first one to 21st tower, you will feel it exciting.

The opening section of the Mutianyu Great Wall is about 2,250 meters. The southeastern end is the first large corner building of Mutianyu. Going northwest, you can reach the No. 4 station and see the three enemy buildings which are rarely constructed. Going forward, you will see the wall is relatively flat and easy to walk, and you can go to the 22nd station in the northwest, and then you can take the cableway down the mountain from 14th tower. If you are interested, you can return to the 6th station from the original road, where there is also a slide road, and you can slide down to the south ticket gate along the hillside, so it is so easy to go underground.

If the physical strength is ok, it is recommended to go to the wild wall that has not been repaired and maintained. You can really feel the mottled historical relics, and you can better understand the confrontation years in that time and space background.

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