Kalajun Grassland

Kalajun Grassland is located on the southeast side of the county town of Ili Turks County, about 30 kilometers by car from the county town. It is one of the most famous grasslands in Xinjiang, and it is also a famous attraction that tourists cannot miss when visiting the Western Line of Xinjiang (Yili Ring Road). Kalajun Grassland is in the shape of rolling hills, backed by towering snowy mountains, and there are landscapes of woods and flowers on the grasslands.

KalajunĀ in a broad senseĀ refers to Kalajun eco-tourism area, including the east and west Kalajun, Great Canyon of Coxsud, Zhongtian Mountain Snow Peak and Tianlai Forest. Ticket of each scenic spot is sold separately and they are far away. The general term Kalajun Grassland refers to the East and West Karajun Scenic Area, and is also the main place for tourists to visit Kalajun Grassland. East and West Karajun scenic spots sell tickets together, and pass the same shuttle bus. It takes about 1-2 days to play, and you can choose to stay overnight on the grassland. You can also come in the morning and return to Turks County for overnight accommodation.

The gate of the scenic area is located in the Kushtay comprehensive service area, and it is also a place where chartered or self-driving vehicles need to be parked. Private vehicles in the subsequent areas cannot enter. However, the entrance to East-West Karajan is located at the Brak Ticket Station a few kilometers away, and there is a bus connecting the gate to the Brak Ticket Station, which takes 15 yuan per person. If the tourists come from the Turks county by the scenic bus, they can also directly reach the Brak ticket station. The fare from the county to the ticket station is 35 yuan.

After arriving at the Brak ticket station, you need to purchase the scenic spot tickets and sightseeing tickets in the scenic area, and then take a sightseeing car to play. The area in the scenic area is very large. The sightseeing car will first surround the West Karajun Scenic Area, and then go to East Karajun. The journey takes about one hour each way by car. This is a very beautiful spot, so don’t miss it when you take a trip to Xinjiang, China.

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