Jinshanling Great Wall

As a landmark spot, as a defensive wall against intrusion, as a classic work of ancient architecture, the Great Wall has undoubtedly become an important relic of Chinese history and culture. Today, when you look at, appreciate, taste the Great Wall, there will be a variety of thinking and sigh, not to mention there are countless historical stories. The Jinshanling Great Wall, with its natural, simple, complete, and authentic remains, shows us its majestic, long-lasting, and delicate beauty. It can be reached at the G45 Express Jinshanling Exit, which is 5 km away. The typical residential houses in Hebei are well-equipped with a complete protective walkway. You can choose from three entrances and exits to the Jinshanling Great Wall. Compared with other Great Wall landscapes, it is relatively original and has few modifications. If you can feel its beautiful scenery of four seasons, you will harvest the perfect view of the Great Wall.

Driving on the Jingcheng Expressway, once you cross the junction of Beijing and Hebei, you can see the undulating Great Wall on Jinshanling. The Jinshanling Great Wall is a renovated scenic spot that is safer than climbing the wild Great Wall, but there are also many walls that have not been repaired, retaining the original charm of the wild Great Wall. Self-driving cars must be parked in the two-storey car park outside the scenic spot and you must enter by taking the sightseeing bus. Take the cable car to the top of the mountain will help you save a lot of energy.

After you get off the cable car, you can go straightly to the Great Wall and you can choose to go left (east) or right (west). After asking the staff, you will know that the left side is the section that is repaired less, and the right side has been repaired for many times. Whether you walk to the left or right, there is a road to walk down the mountain, and there is no need to return to take the cable car down the mountain.

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