Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, one of the four traditional festivals in China, is a festival originating from the ancient ancestors who chose a good day to worship the dragon ancestors. Its origins contain profound cultural connotations and carry a rich history and culture in inheritance and development. There are many customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, mainly including rowing dragon boat, worshiping dragon, collecting herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, washing herbal water, dipping dragon boat water, eating Zongzi, flying paper basket, tying five-color silk thread, wearing fragrant sachet and so on.

Rowing the dragon boat during the Dragon Boat Festival starts from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and it becomes popular in Wu, Yue and Chu Country. Later, it is very popular in the southern coastal areas of China. And now it is deeply loved by people of all countries and has formed an international competition. The custom of the Dragon Boat Festival has been prevalent throughout China since ancient times and has become one of the most influential and widely covered folk customs of the Chinese nation.

The Dragon Boat Festival, which originated in China, evolved from the Wuyue tribe ancestors in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the ancient times. There are many customs in the Dragon Boat Festival, and the content is rich and colorful, and it is lively and festive. The Dragon Boat Festival has the theme of blessing and removing disaster, and has the wishes on welcoming auspicious fortune. There are differences in customs content or details due to different regional cultures throughout the country. Through the various traditional folk activities during the Dragon Boat Festival, it can not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, but also inherit and promote traditional culture in China.

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival. This is a folk festival that combines blessing, disaster relief, entertainment, and food. In the inheritance and development, there are many folk customs combines together in the Dragon Boat Festival, and the festival is rich in content.

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