Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town is located on the bank of Jialing River in Shapingba District, Chongqing. It was built in the Song Dynasty and covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers. It faces Jialing River in the east, Shapingba in the south, Tongjiaqiao in the west, Shijingpo in the north, and 3 kilometers from the main city. It is preserved after thousands of years of change until now, and it is an important traditional street that Chongqing focuses on. There are many buildings with a long history in this quiet place, where it is very suitable for taking pictures of the ancient town. Those who like the style of the ancient town can come to visit the Ciqikou Ancient Town.

Ciqikou Ancient Town is similar to many ancient towns. However, if you just walk into the branch path next to it, you will find elements with Chongqing characteristics. As long as you observe carefully, you will still gain something. It is far away from the urban area. It is recommended to come here early in the morning. If you arrive at 9:00 o’clock, the store will open one after another. As soon as noon, tourists will start to increase. Here you can taste various snacks. There are still some Chongqing styles.

Come to Ciqikou Ancient Town, this was a lively water and land pier. Step on the blue stone road, taste local food snacks, sit in a tea house, and feel the customs of old Chongqing. Today’s ancient town is also a good place for citizens to relax and entertain.

There are more than a dozen streets in the ancient town, and the buildings on both sides are Ming and Qing styles. The ancient town is not big, and there is no problem with walking on the signs. Although everything in front of tourists has been renovated in recent years, this does not affect your feeling of “old Chongqing” here.

This is a famous historical and cultural street in China, and it belongs to Chongqing “New Bayu Twelve Sceneries”, and it is Bayu Folklore Culture Tourism Circle. Travelers who don’t like hilarity can turn to the alleys and enjoy the most authentic life.

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