Chinese Fireball Dragon

Chinese Fireball Dragon is a reptile with giant wings that can spurt fire. It is both frightening and amazing and can be found around the world. Because this creature can fly and spurt fire, they are the most dangerous and hardest to hide in the magical world. Although the Chinese Fireball Dragon is very dangerous, there are still many wizards who will deal with them. These people are known as the dragon trainers and are also Chinese Fireball Dragon scientists.

Chinese Fireball Dragon looks particularly eye-catching. Its smooth scales are scarlet, with a lion’s nose on his face, a golden fringed spike around his nose, and his eyes are bursting. This kind of dragon gets its name because it can eject the mushroom-shaped fireball from the nostrils when it is irritated. It weighs between two and four tons, and the body of the male Chinese Fireball Dragon is larger than that of the female Chinese Fireball Dragon. The eggs of the Chinese Fireball Dragon are bright red and have golden spots on them. The egg shells are cherished in the Chinese witchcraft world and are widely used.

Chinese Fireball Dragon, despite being aggressive, is more likely to endure its own kind than other Chinese Dragons. Sometimes, they are even willing to share a territory with one or two other Chinese Fireball Dragons. Chinese Fireball Dragon has more than a dozen different species, but they occasionally mate with each other to produce rare hybrids. Most mammals are the food of Chinese Fireball Dragon, but it also prefers pigs and people.

In Chinese myths and legends, dragons usually do not spurt fire. In fact, most Chinese dragons are very kind and send rain when people need it. What do you think of the Chinese Fireball Dragon? Are you interested in exploring more about the Chinese Fireball Dragon in Chinese traditional culture?

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