Chinese Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragon Dance is also known as dragon lanterns performance and dragon lantern dances. The dragon is an ancient totem in Chinese tradition. It is said that the dragon can control clouds and rain, and it will symbolize auspiciousness. Therefore, it is a custom in all parts of the country to pray for peace and harvest in the way of Chinese Dragon Dance. From the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, many places have the custom of Chinese Dragon Dance. The dragon also represents honor and bravery in the Chinese nation and is a symbol of power.

In the festive days, people use the Chinese Dragon Dance to pray for the blessing from the dragon, in order to obtain good weather and good harvest. The main prop of Chinese Dragon Dance is “Dragon”. The dragon is made of grass, bamboo, cloth, etc. The number of dragons in the singular is auspicious, and the nine dragons, eleven dragons, and thirteen dragons are common, and some can reach twenty-nine knots. The dragons of more than fifteen knots are relatively cumbersome and should not be danced. They are mainly used for viewing. This kind of dragon pays special attention to decoration and has high craft value. Today, after continuous development and improvement, the Chinese Dragon Dance has often become an ornamental sport. The Chinese Dragon Dance’s movements are ever-changing. The nine-section and the thirteen-section dragons focus on the action performances. Together with the dragon and drums music, Chinese Dragon Dance becomes a kind of art style, which combines martial arts, drumming, opera and dragon art.

Chinese Dragon Dance is one of China’s most folk art. This imposing scene has greatly stimulated people’s emotions, and inspiring people’s hearts. Therefore, the Chinese Dragon Dance has become an indispensable movement to maintain the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It also reflects the heroic spirit of the Chinese people.

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