Birds Nest

The National Stadium, located north of the Fourth Ring Road in the northern suburbs of Beijing, has an unforgettable influence. It is a lively nesting plot, which is unexpected for everyone. Whenever you come here, you will see a lot of people visiting the Birds Nest and enjoying he beauty of the place here.

The Birds Nest is the most beautiful stadium ever in China. This main venue of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing adopted the best plan of the global design competition, and it looks like the shape of the bird’s nest, so it gets the name Birds Nest.

Every time you see the Birds Nest and the Water Cube, you will feel it very interesting. It is a miracle to replace the name with a nickname in one place. It is estimated that many people don’t know what the National Stadium is, but everyone knows the Birds Nest. It was a warm birds nest woven into a stadium that can accommodate 100,000 people with a branch-like steel mesh! The “nest” used to nurture and care for life entrusts human’s hope for the future.

If you choose the VIP tour to the Birds Nest, the fare is of 80 yuan, which is sold at the northeast or northwest exit of the Birds Nest. However, the VIP route needs entering from the west exit. If you take the subway, stop at the Olympic Park and it is close to the export E. Attractions to visit in the Birds Nest include: Zero-level Golden Hall, Golden Passage, and Xiangyun Golden Hall and Water Hall, and finally the newly Birds Nest Light Music Show at the Birds Nest Night! Overall, there are surprise when visiting the Birds Nest. The Golden Hall shows the steel frame structure of the Birds Nest. For the first time, you will have the most intuitive understanding on the Birds Nest. The Xiangyun Golden Hall has a Xiangyun carpet, and the 2008 Peace Doves are decorated on the ceiling and walls. There is also a light music show.

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