Beijing 798 Art District

Located in the northeast of Chaoyang District, 798 Art District is a creative park for the renovation of old factories. It is now a new landmark in Beijing and a gathering place for literary and artistic youths. Many galleries, exhibition halls and independent artists are stationed. The buildings are also cutting-edge and fashionable, with a sense of design, and there are many characteristic shops. It is a wonderful place for young people to feel the literary atmosphere.

The 798 Art District has a large area, about 1 km in length and width. Various galleries, exhibition halls, and art centers are distributed in renovated factories, and you can walk along the road one by one. The opening hours of the exhibition hall and art center in the Beijing 798 Art District are approximately during 10:00-18:00, and are basically closed every Monday. Please choose a good time to take a visit there.

Shopping in Beijing 798 Art District is mainly to feel the artistic atmosphere here, and the exhibition is the main content. There have always been many art exhibitions in the park. Most of these exhibitions are free. They mainly display the works of the artists stationed in the park. Most of them are new and creative.

The most famous exhibition area in the park is the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, which is a paid exhibition hall, and the tickets are 10 yuan, and open every Thursday for free, closed on Monday. There are often wonderful and novel exhibitions, be sure to check it out.

The streets in the 798 Art District are also not to be overlooked. There are various sculptures, graffiti, etc. on the street, each with its own characteristics, and there is a small locomotive, you can stroll around and take a look. It is very nice to take beautiful pictures of art here.

In addition to various galleries and art centers on the street, there are also many art shops, cafes, and restaurants. The art shops sell a variety of unique small artworks, such as painted pottery, cloth art, etc., and you can take a look according to personal interests. The cafes and restaurants here are very literary. Most of the restaurants are mainly focusing on Western food, but the prices are a bit more expensive than other places. If you don’t want to eat here, it is recommended to prepare some snacks and drinking water before playing in the 798 Art District.

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