10 Amazing Facts on Chinese Dragons

The dragon is a god in the ancient Chinese mythology, it is often used to symbolize auspiciousness, and it is one of the most representative traditional culture, dragon legend and other dragon cultures are very rich. There are too many dragon records in Chinese history, and folks have too many legends of dragons. The dragon, ranked in the zodiac, is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation. Here are 10 amazing facts on Chinese Dragons.

Facts 1: There really exists Chinese Dragon. In the twenty-fourth year of Jian’an in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the yellow dragon appeared in Chishui, Wuyang. He left after nine days of stay. At that time, people built a monument to the place where the yellow dragon appeared.

Facts 2: The ancient emperor rides the dragon. But “ride” in ancient times has the meaning of “depending on” and “controlling”. “Dragon” is “River”. “Riding two dragons” means to govern two rivers. This is very untrustworthy.

Facts 3: Gun became the yellow dragon. Gun after failing to control water has become a yellow dragon. This yellow dragon is also his son, Yu. In fact, Yu is a person. How could it be evolved from a dragon?

Facts 4: The dragon is personalized in folk literature and art, and it is beneficial to the people, but in fact there are harmful dragons to the people. In many Chinese mythological novels, there are dragon kings with bad characteristics of evil.

Facts 5: Most modern scholars believe that the dragon totem is evolved from other animal totems. The early representative of the broad meaning is the “snake evolution theory”. When the snake evolved into a dragon, we naturally became the ” descendants of the dragon.” But in reality, the legend of the descendants of the dragon was not popular after the May Fourth Movement.

Facts 6: As a paleontological dinosaur, it was extinct in the Mesozoic generation about 70 million years ago. The earliest monks lived in the Pleistocene three million years ago, and the difference between them was more than 60 million years. Therefore, it is impossible for the monks to see the dinosaurs. It is even more difficult to talk about the memory and fear of dinosaurs. Obviously, for the legend of the dragon being the legacy of the dinosaur, it is not credible.

Facts 7: “The truth and entity of the dragon is the cloud”, “The dragon is the life of the cloud god”; The original dragon shape was nothing more than an abstract swirl of moire. later it gradually became more concrete, biological, and unfolded. It is close to the image of amphibians and reptiles in the real world. However, the formation of clouds is a natural phenomenon and has little to do with the dragon.

Facts 8: Chinese Dragons have no horns originally, and the rooster borrowed him the horns before it went to select the Zodiac, and from then on it have horns on its head.

Facts 9: Not all Chinese Dragons have no wings. There is one son of the dragon among 9 sons, and it has wings.

Facts 10: People normally think that Chinese Dragons don’t spurt fire, but the Chinese Fireball Dragon can spurt fire.

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